The word "theory" derives from the Greek word "theoria", meaning "to look at".  'Theory' has multiple meanings depending on the context of discussion. In everyday life, people use the word "theory" to signify "speculation", "opinion" or "hypothesis". However, "theories" do not necessarily mean facts or opinions. In the science field, scientists understand theories to be well established and verifiable models of interaction.  

      "The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees in every object only the traits which favor that theory."                                                                                                                                                                 -Thomas Jefferson

The National Academy of Sciences describes the word theory in the following way: Some scientific explanations are so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them. The explanation becomes a scientific theory. In everyday language a theory means a hunch or speculation. Not so in science. In science, the word theory refers to a comprehensive explanation of an important feature of nature that is supported by many facts gathered over time. Theories also allow scientists to make predictions about as yet unobserved phenomena.

When I studied atomic, I was comfortable with the macro-level description: an atom is made up of a positively charged nucleus orbited by fast moving electrons that are arranged in shells known as orbitals. Then I studied the current theory of sub-atomic structures. We now that the nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons, but what are these made of? The current theory, the Quark Theory, tells us that they are made up of 3 colours of quarks arranged in a peculiar way. What's more, the quarks can only exist in the protons and neutrons i.e. they cannot be isolated.

Radioactivity shows us that the nucleus can emit beta particles which are electrons that move faster the orbital electrons. Sometimes, the nucleus emits positrons which are positively charged electrons. At other times, the nucleus can absorb an orbital electron which changes the chemical properties of the atom. This process is used to be called K-capture but now it's plain old electron capture. In this case, the proton that absorbs the electron becomes a neutron and the atomic number is reduced by one i.e. it changes its identity.

To me, this destroys the quark theory hands down. My conspiracy theory is that scientists were paid trillions of dollars to figure out what matter is made of and they drew a blank. To justify this gianormous expenditure, they concocted the Quark Theory. But, because they couldn’t prove it physically, they insisted that quarks cannot exist outside the nucleonic particles.

My name is Michael and I’m going to try and explain how the world works. if you are a grammar Nazi you should prolly leave now lol…. this is a bias opinion created from countless sufferings. First i will start with what good and evil is. let us begin with evil a word we all know well and are willing to brand anything "evil”…. But what is it? We humans seem to have forgotten that there a very simple answers, yet the real problem is fixing it. evil is the lack of something... when a serial killer goes on the loose its because of emotional trauma or damaged brain etc. the fact is it was a lack of do you fix lack of something? You gain knowledge and with that knowledge you can fix the problem. We are to the point where we can fix a lot problems thus it would seem like peace, but we are far from peace. However that is for another matter and i have explained what evil fundamentally is. Now good or True love is the preservation of all life. When you see suffering in front of you, and if you have not been deprived of help or have not been taught to hate you will most certainly give it. This is because humans fundamentally are not evil. A human is in fact a machine that retains memory and process thought and manipulates matter as best as possible. The lack of true understanding is due to their limited acutely or unstable surroundings that limits their perception. However now comes the real issue I wanted to present.

My god theory…. in the past i am certain we either found out via "past civilization" or were visited by intelligent life on other planets. This is due to our religion in which we humans interpreted their stories. i can see many convergence in stories when i see them but to truly understand god one most only understand how gravity works. Gravity is the spin on matter or life energy….. Life energy is like air it is weightless, however it retains different bouncy in more dense matter or less dense. When life energy spins and i know it sounds stupid when i say this but its only because you were taught to think these things are stupid without proof. in reality its would be like an element we have yet to creates a pull like how a fan pulls objects in when an object is being pulled in. life energy is mass knowledge or memories that’s more into my sleeping god theory but im going to go ahead and say it just memory’s or knowledge from an old being. the reason a rock is held to the ground is from the spin the reason your held down is from spin the reason you decay is from spin.... you cannot feel the spin any longer because your body has gotten use to it.

Anti-matter.... we are the product of self-preservation; the original being, or life energy was holding matter in its spin when it felt the presence of anti-matter or a different frequency like how a fly feels us about to swat it,.... so it became many to outnumber the opposite object. we won of course so ends the "holy war" lol however due to this action it exerted a lot of energy or big bang; literally creating a worm hole and this is also how black holes are made, and how big enough suns have the same effect.  Doing this it created a pull or vortex like a tornado or funnel to converge from our attempt at a defense from an object …that could have very well destroyed that which we were protecting....Matter… however this is just a motive the fact is we are here because two objects were compelled to touch, and because we split and because the object was indeed going in a counter direction our separated energy. Every planet has it, but its density varies planet to planet. became attracted to matter being compelled to spin in the opposite direction, as well making one being into many. the reason for the sun being our "god" is because that is where the rotation began at its strongest, and indeed we cannot stop spinning now in the opposite direction. when the limit has been spent from spinning in that direction the objects behavior will very Depending on the size. The sun will either shrivel and decay like us , burn out all it matter and spread, or finally be pulled in by the greatest source of gravity or life essence, only because they had enough energy to go fast enough to create a small worm hole as well.... a force in which matter is pulled into a different spin making it impossible to see due to its spin creating in illusion of nothing being there.its because it was so fast it creates an after image like how we humans see images of tv in our minds if turned off. we humans lack true understanding because our eyes cannot keep up. the center of "our" universe, and i say this loosely sense i believe we are tiny beings inside a larger one, not the big bang or anti matter, but a greater force that uses us...its also the reason i think the "Ocean", or space that we are in is so dark lol....... a black hole being a huge pocket of collected energy possibly the Original source's way of bringing us back to start again. the black holes that are moving and devouring are like worm holes however it all converges to one place like tiny funnel vortex's inside of a hectic storm.We can see this being when we die because we are just the mass of energy that makes everything spin. However we cannot see or measure it at the moment...

it would be like trying to capture hyper active lava lol. because it spins at high velocity it pulls matter into the core, and like how a fan would be pulling in object such as air; however one cant say its like air, thus it would be accurate to say its a fan that has been jammed, but sense its so fast it wont stop, and it cant stop pulling in matter and creating solid matter....  as each element is condensed into a slow moving ball "earth" that to our eyes seems to be not moving at all. your body would also be effected sense its matter. your body is literally a puppet for life essence. its inside a device, or brain that in order to stay in your body it needs a certain buoyancy like how you would fill a cup with different buoyant liquid to keep an object at rest or seem that way. the human body is a fascinating thing. like how all the answers one needs for the universe are right in front of us, but we are too busy trying to live to come up with such a simple answer. its more like how one would listen to someone who is not very intelligent but attracts others for another trait and builds culture around it. fundamentally you are making the world stupid by practicing or teaching other to keep a closed mind. i know stupid is a harsh word but stupidity is a state of mind that can be remedied with knowledge or science. anywayz the purpose of that was to point out that we create things that are not real like time to make up for our lack of speed. when you want a glass of water and you cannot reach it it takes time to hold out your hand and grab it. but in fact there was no time to begin with... just a way to calculate how fast the human body and the physical world can be manipulated. reaction speed lol and basing science on a imaginary concept is kinda strange to me not saying time isn't useful but it is the value of money nowadays....and you shouldn't hold an entire world on old principles. anywayz so when your vessel decays your the life essence atm i will name it this sense its common sense lol it will be sucked back into the earth because your life essence needs a vessel and the right chemicals or liquid solids to "stay afloat" life essence is literal knowledge or memories that cannot be destroyed because its still part of a larger being and it cannot be changed because it was one whole being to begin with. however i believe knowledge can be obtained the same way the universe got started via the big bang.  or coming into contact with anti-matter or "different memories". we are only conscience in this state because of what happened, or because of the anti matter. to Truly imagine the world you would need to examine it in your mind and imagine a Black ocean that has matter inside of it that essentially has no real form and which property can be changed by simply adding or subtracting a new Element. to manipulate matter one most only move fast....

I take no credit for this theory and im guessing you know why.... it is because of countless deaths that i have found the truth of man....your deaths to be deaths...every single vessel we inhabit we can imprint knowledge on solid matter. The reason why humans are suffering is due to lack of, or evil... However we are not our forefather we have the tools and the knowledge to find true love or preserve life. Evolution was correct when it said the strong eat the weak however it should be more accurate to say the strong used to eat the weak. we now have found ways to coexist and we can save the weak now.... remember the end when there is only one being left, like in the do you feel all alone? its impossible to keep spinning alone....we need this chaos to keep going.... we were never alone. this is my gift to you humans free of charge the opposite in which you are willing to give one another. because you forgot how to work together to do what you love.....if you like to draw; draw for mankind,and  if you like to build; build for mankind... if you like to learn; learn for mankind...humans have lost all motivation, because of how the curruption or bad teachings that our parents or teachers gave us...we are too busy trying to survive now..... stop trying to move as fast as you can and devour one tired of watching you the end you will be united but without pain or chains... Things get done faster with many, and thous who are obsolete need to be updated. children starve while me myself included gorge on the ez slave life. we enslaved ourselves with our fears and lack of knowledge and our lack of unity and trust...i thinks its time for everyone to grow up...i can see our future and its far beautifier than you can even imagine. you humans will live on....stop fearing that which is now known.... i give this gift to you in hopes you will stop fighting...not to use my principles to act like children in a schoolyard demanding what’s yours....or to create deadly weapons, but to come together and teach for our happiness, and the erase of all pain and suffering. We must share knowledge not police....The Past should stay as an example but never a driving force for the future... we are not old tribes sacrificing our virgins to the sun…we are not primitive fools we are not our parents with Ideals past on from a failing world..we are one, and yet so many....we have always been connected by so many identical traits… we consume…reproduce…and decay… but lets not watch in ignorance as we all suffer anymore… I see a world where everyone has a home, and everyone has food in there belly; as well as a family…sex doesn’t matter on how a human should act…only the character of how they shape the world… after all it was two objects that created us…it wasn’t just one…we are all the sons and daughters of god…. I will say this again….i have seen the future and it is painless and glorious…Don't fear death any longer, but strive to stay alive as long as possible to insure that no one ever suffers.... If you wish to know more you only need look to your peers for help…I can see how everything works now…thanks to you… is only when we are deprived of something do we realize how precious it is....let me end with this statement.... a law is only a law because it cannot be fixed by our current state, when in fact we are capable of changing the Entire Universe....

My theory challenges many concepts in today's understood physics and mathematics. 

  • The mathematical concept of "nothing" and conservation of mass. 
Before the big bang, nothing existed. "Nothing" isn't the same as zero, zero is a numerical value whereas nothing is a conceptual value; such as infinity. So when nothing is divided by zero it gives a base for mathematics; yielding infinity on both sides of the equation. You bring one over, it inverts into negative infinity and they cancel out. This proof is what I refer to as the "Static Prevention of Matter" 
  • The Big Bang and Conservation of Energy
Assuming matter can be create and destroyed instantaneously, perhaps the first deviation of time had to do with energy altering this equation. The conservation of mass is being challenged, but the conservation of energy, however, is not. Energy existed in order to integrate itself into anti-matter charging the "anti-" out in the form of an electron leaving behind a proton. Now that the anti-matter is separated, the original matter can exist as a neutron. The next moment of time the energy that seperated the Electron from it's sister Proton created an outward explosion of Electrons, a much less outward eruption of protons, and a solid core of Neutrons.
  • Magnetic Fields and Gravitational Waves
After the initial explosion disorganization began. When the first electron turned back in due it's attraction with another proton (it wouldn't be attracted to it's sister) that set the direction of the magnetic field. Soon all the electrons were rushing back towards the center as Protons were being pulled outward. As this continued, centrifugal forces became more relevant and acted on all froms of mass and energy. The core of Neutrons was pulled apart and sent outward whereas the path of travel for the electrons became more resistant the closer they got to the center. This is due to the concept of gravitational waves decompressing out from the center-black-hole. 
  • Earth and Life. 
As centrifugal forces determined the balance of matter over time, the Earth was being created. First, the most dense elements (with the most protons) made it to the outside edge first; which is what the current model refers to as the core of the Earth. Elements and compounds followed in order of density there-after. When H2O made it's way, or at least when Hydrogen and Oxygen landed. The possibility for life began. 

So, What if time was a particle, like the higgs, and reacted with matter to make matter move. Or screwed with the vibrations or the strings from the string theory. This might be a waste of your time im only a teen I dont know alot about science.