High school students often are wondering what they will do for an occupation after graduation. Many students will choose college wondering what their major should be considering their interests. Volunteer work can assist in  making a great decision about a college major and career path. Many high school and college students choose to volunteer to obtain varied experiences. Volunteer work is a way to gain leadership qualities and service experience. This experience can be added to a resume' and is a standout on a college or job application. It is important to show extra-curricular activities as this indicates personal motivation, purpose, responsibility, and conservation. There are many volunteer positions available in the various communities, so search for the ones that fit your interests.

Volunteering at Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience Center provides a great experience in learning about the care of wolves, wolf dogs, panthers, prairie dogs, gopher tortoises, and other animals. You will learn about ways to care for the individual needs of each animal. This includes feedings, cleaning enclosures, grooming, play, and bathing of selected animals.Madison

Sue Stefanelli is the Volunteer Coordinator. There are various opportunities for volunteering. The categories are as follows:

Animal Care - cleaning, feeding, grooming and bathing
Fundraising - Grant Writing- event planning, grant writing, sponsorship packets, and capital campaign
Office/Secretarial - scheduling, confirming appointments, filing, data entry, and sponsorship packets
Fence Building – new construction, repair, and maintenance
Education – visitor guides, educational outings
Public Relations – articles, letters to the editor, press releases, creation of educational materials, website, social media, and volunteer recruitment


Land Development – Help with planning. fundraising, and development of the 20 acres purchased for the new facility, for the future of the sanctuary and the animals

Become part of the solution, as you will make the world safer and more humane for all living creatures. You can help spread the word of responsible pet ownership and environmental protection. You will receive grateful and accepting comradery of the animals.

You will get to know new friends, not just the four-legged friends. You will discover skills you did not know you could accomplish while volunteering.

You may learn things about a possible new career. You will learn that it is important to volunteer with a serving spirit, showing respect for yourself and others, along with kindness and empathy for all.

Requirements for volunteering at Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education and Experience Center are as follows:

Medical Release
Volunteer Release Form
Photo Release
Volunteers under age 18 are accepted as long as there is an adult present volunteering as well or an appointed guardian
Know the Volunteer Code of Ethics

Volunteer today. This is your time to gain experience in various fields and put your skills and interests to work for the animals, both in captivity and the wild. Whether you like to get "down and dirty" or help from behind the scenes, we have something you can do.

Elaine Blaney